Infrared Sauna Session

Add an Infrared Sauna Session to any service for only $15

Special Package

Four sessions $45

What Are Some Health Benefits to Far Infrared Saunas?

Purge Toxins, Mineral Wastes & Cellulite • Burn 400-800 Calories in 1/2 hour • Relieve Pain • Decrease Joint Stiffness• Help With Weight Loss • Melt Away Tension • Rebalance the Body • Increase Blood Circulation • Strengthens the Immune System • Help Wounds Heal Quicker • Provide a Cardiovascular Workout • Improve Skin Tone & Flexibility

Infrared Saunas May Improve:

Acne & Allergies*Anxiety & Insomnia*Arthritis & Rheumatism*Asthma & Bronchitis*Blood Pressure*Burns*Bursitis & Neuritis*Cancer Pain*Candidiasis*Chron's Disease*Chronic Fatigue*Chronic Heart Failure*Chronic Infections*Cirhossis of the Liver*Cold Hands & Feet*Colds & Flu*Congestive Heart Failure*Cystitis*Depression*Diabetes*Digestive Disorders*Duodenal Ulcers*Ear Diseases*Eczema & Psoriasis*Fibromyalgia*Gastritis*Gastroenteric Problems*Headaches*Heart Disease*Heavy Metal Toxicity*Hemorrhoids*Hepatitis*High Blood Pressure*High Cholesterol*Hypertension*Joint Pain & Backaches*Keloids*Leg Ulcers*Low Blood Sugar*Lyme Disease*Menstrual Pain*Nervous Tension*Pain Management*Radiation Sickness*Rheumatoid Arthritis*Sciatica*Shoulder Stiffness*Soft Tissue Injuries*Strained Muscles*Teenage Skin Problems*Tinnitus*Vericose Veins*Weight Control*Whiplash Pain