Dr. Paul Munoz is a warm and compassionate Chiropractor who excels in giving personalized care, listening to his clients and healing your body as well as improving your health. He has always been good at figuring out what is wrong in people’s bodies and how to fix it since he has always been interested in how the body works. He loves healing people and being part of the healing process and wellness for all his clients. Dr. Paul Munoz is a proficient manual adjuster and has experience with treating extremities as well as the spine. His use of Active Myofascial Release differentiates him from a lot of the Chiropractors in the El Paso area.

Area of Expertise

Pain relief, Myofacial Release, Chiropractic Care


Emergency Back Pain, Chronic Neck & Back Pain, Should pain, Wrist and Leg Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Weight Loss, Acupuncture, School Physicals